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Chicken Licken Franchise For Sale South Africa.

Chicken Licken Franchise For Sale South AfricaChicken Licken franchise for sale South Africa – In 1981 Chicken Licken opened it’s first store in Johannesburg. The first two Chicken Licken fast food franchises were given away and were based in Soweto and Alexandra township.

It’s popularity has since grown to over 250 stores and has become the largest non American fried chicken franchise in the world. In the beginning they only opened stores in the townships. They are now opening stores in malls and suburbs all around the country.

They have established themselves as one of the great leading brands in South Africa by offering great products at affordable prices that ensures continued sales. This approach gives a franchisee some protection and resilience against a recession and an economy that has taken a downturn.

They have tried their best to ensure that a Chicken Licken franchise runs with healthy profit margins calculated to ensure success in good or bad times.

People love fried chicken and there is a huge market for it all around the world. This does not however guarantee success. Even if you do your homework thoroughly you are still at risk, even with a well established franchise model like Chicken licken.

With a bit of luck you may land a great location and you have the stamina and ability to run a fast food franchise. A Chicken licken Franchise will then stand you in good stead for years to come. But remember, there are no guarantees.



Chicken Licken Franchise For Sale South Africa.

It is therefore important to know that before you invest in any franchise that you do your homework and due diligence carefully, don’t be in a hurry, be patient you have a lot to lose if you fail. Besides losing your money you could also end up losing your family to.

Chicken LickenSpeak to existing franchisees they will be more than willing to share there experiences with you .Talk to the larger more successful franchisees but more importantly try to get a list of less successful owners and failures in the franchise opportunity .

They will teach you more than the successful franchisees will. They will make you aware of pitfalls you never bargained for.

Be careful of churning franchisors love churning. This is very seldom talked about but it works like this. A franchise closes down in an area, the company buys it from the bank for next to nothing and sells it again to someone else for a handsome profit, it fails again.  The company buys it again and sells it again. The franchise stays but the business keeps on failing.

The franchisor will tell you it failed because the operators were bad operators, don’t be in a hurry to believe them. A responsible franchisor will remove his name from a bad location and give you the best chance for success. Find the previous failures if you can and talk to them.

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Buying A Chicken Licken Franchise Opportunity In South Africa.

Chicken-Licken Fast Food DishesChicken Licken has great appeal within the black community. They tend to enjoy hot spicy food which makes a chicken lickin franchise opportunity well worth considering.

The secret recipe was bought from a fast food owner in Texas in 1972 and is the basis for the chicken licken taste.

They are famous for their chicken hot wings wich is a big attraction for their stores. Other items on the Chicken Licken menu are Just chicken burgers, Soulsister specials, Just chicken licken, Slyders, California coolers  Licken lekker and Soul fries just to name a few.



How To Get A Chicken Licken Franchise – The Chicken Licken setup costs.

    • To setup a store will cost you plus minus R3.2 million.
    • Franchise fees R150,000.
    • Royalties 6%.
    • Marketing fees 6%.

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Chicken Licken Franchise For Sale South Africa.