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Nando’s Franchise For Sale In South Africa.

Nando's Franchise For sale In South AfricaNando’s franchise for sale – Nando’s, was founded in 1987 in South Africa. Since then it has spread around the world like wild fire.

Nando’s flame grilled peri-peri chicken restaurants operate in over thirty countries on five different continents around the world.

The restaurant has an authentic Portuguese cuisine, and it’s flame-grilled peri-peri chicken is it’s driving force.

Millions of people around the world have been served this delicious chicken with its ultimate taste in either lemon and herb, medium, hot, extra hot or extra extra hot peri-peri marinade for over 25 years now.

They serve a large variety of chicken items along with burgers, sauces and world famous salads. The magic ingredient and the very heart and soul of Nando’s is the peri-peri.



Nando’s Franchise For Sale – Due Diligence And Training.

Nando's Franchise CostIf you have considered opening a fast food flame-grilled Nando’s chicken franchise in a particular area and you have done the necessary research and it proves to be the right thing to do. Nando’s may just be the right franchise for you to consider.

However not every store has been successful and they have not had success in every country they have launched in either.

For example Lebanon has been a failure and Australia took some time to take off. The new franchisee is assured of a greater chance of success because of the franchisors experiences with these diverse cultures and environments around the world, In other words a Nando’s franchise business does not rely on their unique taste and strict training only for your success. Having said that, all the risk is still yours and there are no guarantees.

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Nando’s franchise startup costs are pretty steep but, they will give you all the necessary essentials and guidance you need to start your new business opportunity. During an intense three-month training,  you will be taught everything from human resources, operations administration, and the day-to-day management of the restaurant. Your progress will be continuously monitored.

Why Buy more bitcoinBefore any franchisee is allowed to start operations they have to first qualify, They have to secure a certificate of certification from the franchisor. This certificate will be proof that the new franchisee has fulfilled all the requirements necessary in order for them to start their Nando’s franchise opportunity. And guess what! Not everybody qualifies.

Nando’s, will train the initial personnel and staff. This is to ensure that the employees within the business are made up of people who understand the needs of the business and are qualified to deliver what Nando’s fast food franchises require.



Nando’s Franchise For Sale.

These along with other procedures, are necessary.

  • The franchisee must have the ability to commit to the long hours and hard work which is necessary for the running of a Nando’s franchise business.
  • The business must be considered a long-term investment by the franchisee.
  •  The franchisee should Know how to operate a computer.
  •  The owners should be financially secure.

Nando’s :  Application Process.


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